The Forager's Guide to Wild Foods

400 Wild Plants That You Can Forage For

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Here's Just a Glimpse of What You'll Find Inside

Inside Forager's Guide to Wild Foods you’ll discover over 400 plants that never made it to most people’s lives, kitchens or medicine cabinets.

The most important thing that I would like to show you, and that many books lack, is how to correctly identify these plants.

I went through great lengths to print this book (printed in USA) in color with HUGE pictures for each plant, to make it easy to identify.

I also added extra photos of the defining features of the plant, so you will know exactly what to look for to make the correct identification. 

With the distribution map I added, you will also be able to search only for plants growing in your area.

Because I want you to be 110% safe and sure you got the right plant, I added a Poisonous-Lookalike section for each plant explaining the differences you should look for.

Each plant that has medicinal properties also has a section on how to use it as a remedy.

You will also find instructions on how to prepare the wild foods for several purposes, how and when to harvest, depending on the season, and a few delicious time-tested recipes to prepare these wild foods like a seasoned forager.

+ 3 Bonuses Included for FREE

First you will get The Wilderness Survival Guide. In it you will find the survival skills that can help you craft resources from your surroundings in the great outdoors. This gift can help you take your self-reliance skills to the next level. It also serves as a great bug out resource you want to have by your side in times of need or when you go out foraging.

*The gift is available in digital format only

The second exclusive bonus you’ll receive is called Household Remedies – How to recover Naturally at Home. In it you’ll discover our grandparent’s remedies that you can put to good use.

From making a Black Radish cough syrup to vinegar socks, you will find a home remedy for most common ailments.

*The gift is available in digital format only

The third bonus you’ll get is 104 Long Lasting Foods You can Make at Home.

In it you’ll discover the long-lasting foods from a time when there was no electricity and refrigerators. These foods are a great addition to anybody’s pantry or stockpile as in times of need they will not spoil and may save lives.

*The gift is available in digital format only

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Why You Should Get

The Forager's Guide to Wild Foods

A “food insurance policy” for hard times:

Even people who are NOT planning on using this book on a regular basis should have it on their bookshelf to help them put food on the table in case hard times are coming ahead. This knowledge is better at your fingertips now, as you might not be able to get when you'll need it most.

The best resource to have around in the outdoors:

Haven’t you ever bumped into a mushroom, berry or plant and wondered if it’s edible or not? … and what to do with it? Maybe there are times when you're still not sure about a certain plant, and you need to consult the book, despite your vast experience. Or maybe you don’t have experience at all and just want to find wild goodies using the book.

Take advantage of the medicinal plants growing around your home:

Inside The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods you’ll find lots of medicinal plants including the ones I use regularly and instructions on how to take advantage of them. So how would you feel to make your own medicine from plants growing around you instead of relying only on chemical compounds found in pills?

The healthiest foods you can eat:

There’s absolutely nothing you can buy in supermarkets that comes close to the plants you pick yourself from the wild. They have no GMOs, no pesticides and they are good for your health. Even products sold in stores as ORGANIC are allowed to be genetically modified, so long as there are no kind of man-made pesticides or chemical fertilizers involved in the growing process.

Wild foods are extremely nutritious:

Most plants and fruits that you can buy in supermarkets and groceries are depleted of important nutrients. The supermarket plants grow bigger and faster than their wild ancestors, but they cannot sustain the concentration of important nutrients and vitamins the wild foods have. Wild plants are extremely nutritious and full of antioxidants and vitamins that help our bodies in the long run.

Save some of the money you pay on food:

Comparing to the overpriced organic foods, the wild foods are completely FREE and up for grabs. Over the years I think I saved maybe thousands of dollars that I would have normally spent on supermarket foods. There is no good reason why you shouldn’t replace a part of the foods you purchase with foods that are better for you and are FREE.

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Absolutely wonderful book😄

This book is absolutely wonderful to have with any survival kit. This book is everything that I hoped for and more. It tells you all about the plants what part of the country they're found in how to harvest them what part of the plant is edible and it States what useful medical properties each plant has. This book is awesome!

- Amy Hays


A great foraging book with lots of recipes

This is a valuable source for finding plants in the wild and using them. What I like about this book is that it helps identify the plant and gives really unique, interesting recipes to make them.

- Madison


Highly informative

Organized, well-illustrated, and bound on good paper, it gives you common and botanical names, clear images of edible plants, as well as images and descriptions of poisonous look-alikes, so you don't get into trouble. Maps show you where a plant grows, so you don't waste time looking for a plant that only grows 500 miles away. Even recipes! I got my money's worth.

- Rich